The Colorful Cat-Eye

Bold, striking cat-eyes was a huge trend on the Fall 2013 runways. Designers took the cat-eye to an extreme and incorporated bold colors into their eye looks. Jason Wu’s makeup artists used a violet hue while Christian Dior’s chose an icy blue shade. Want to recreate this daring eye trend? Take a color of your choice and line your upper and lower lash lines. Take the same color on a small angled brush and wing out the liner for that intense cat-eye shape.


I’m super excited to try this out with my new stila turiquoise (more of a mint green) liquid eye liner.

Will you be “catifying” your eyes with some color?

Let me know in the comments below!


amanda brooke

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3 thoughts on “The Colorful Cat-Eye

  1. While makeup can’t duplicate the natural beauty of actual cat eyes, your instructions will get us very close. It has me tempted to try.

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